Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Been a Busy Week

Last Saturday, I went to my friend's house. She said her daughter-in-law wanted to learn to crochet. So I took a hook and a book with some basic crochet instructions with me, and spent about 3 hours there teaching crochet. I had some reservations, as the DIL had plans to make mittens and hats! I told her it would take more than one lesson to be able to produce mittens! Anyway, she did settle on a scarf for a project, and with her K hook and blue yarn, she was off to a good start by the time I left.

While there, I started 3 (yes, 3!) double-strand afghans for my friend's daughters to work on. I taught them crochet about 6-7 years ago. Neither of the girls can start an afghan off, but once I work the first row in half-double crochet for them, they are good to go. I have to admit - I was a taken aback when they handed me blue and orange yarn to make a "Mets" blanket - while I sat there wearing my Phillies world champs colors! But I was a good friend and started the blanket anyway! LOL!

Sunday was a quiet day, and the workweek was very busy! Coming to the end of the year - we are getting very busy with payroll issues, vacation and sick time off and all kinds of other employee issues. It's also going to be benefits reenrollment time,too. So lots of questions to field. Three days last week I had physical therapy, and managed to bike 3 miles on Thursday afternoon.

Today is Saturday, and I am visiting my sister in NJ. We made a trip today to the T-Fal outlet and I purchased a new set of pots and pans. Mine are in pretty rough shape. I got a nice buy on baking sheets too. After shopping there, we went to Kohls and did some Christmas shopping. I got 3 gifts there. That will make a little dent in my "to-do" list. I think my brothers and sisters and I are leaning toward not doing the traditional pollyanna this year. Things are tight for some of us, so to make it easier on all, we'll just buy for the children in the family. With the exception of my "baby" brother. He is unmarried and has no kids, so we will get a little something for him so that his Christmas is bright. We will probably exchange packages with homemade baked or crafted items with the rest of the siblings.

I have a total of 9 face ornaments finished. I've started on some Santa hats and mittens. Pictures to follow when I get home. No camera here.

It's a nice rainy day today, and we are sitting here looking at paint samples with Mike. He is in the process of purchasing his own home, and I'm so excited for him. He's been renting for the longest time.

Looking forward to relaxing this evening, putting my feet up and doing some crocheting!

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