Friday, November 7, 2008

MHO and Some New Crochet Projects in Mind!

First - My Humble Opinion
A sad thought crossed my mind this morning, as I was listening to the news regarding the financial losses in the automobile industry. The automobile and its manufacturing process, introduced to the world by Americans, is now teetering on the brink of extinction while the rest of the world is excelling. What is wrong with this picture?

It seems that Americans are willing to settle for "good enough" and "status quo". Instead of producing cars in the same way for the last 30 years, why hasn't the auto industry been looking for ways to make more efficient cars? I can understand the production methods for the first 70 years. Cars were designed to be faster, more powerful and more attractive. No one had been concerned about economy, emissions or conservation. But certainly since the 70's, lots of folks were aware of the need for more efficient and cleaner vehicles. Instead the US has sat on it fat haunches and watched as Japan and Korea have taken the forefront in producing cars with better mileage.

Car company and oil company honchos have been collecting fat bonuses and retirements forever. It's time to set them straight! We need better mileage vehicles and we need them now! Take some of that money from the top echelon, put it into the research so badly needed and crank out cars that get 50 miles to the gallon. They'll sell cars again, believe me. And the person on the assembly line won't be the one who has to pay the price by losing his or her job.

On a crochet note: I am so excited! I received a package in the mail with some patterns I ordered from Annie's Attic. I cannot wait to get started! Plenty of holiday patterns. I am going to make some ornaments and definitely want to make the candy-striped afghan to enter in the grange fair next year. I think it would make an eye catching entry. The autumn potholders are calling me, too.
And I ordered Annie's Attic "Big Book of Animals" in order to make something for my expected grandchild. On the cover is a crocheted tiger, which I took to be a pillow-type of stuffed animal. Imagine my shock when I opened the booklet to find it's actually a cat bed! I wonder if anyone would know??? I really love the look of it and it would fit right in with the jungle theme in the baby's room. I think I'll make it anyway. As long as I don't give it to a cat first, no one would know what it was intended to be. I look at it and I see a sweet little boy lying down on top of it with his arms wrapped around it.

What's your opinion?

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