Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

It's been a nice day! I woke this morning and the house was filled with the aroma of turkey cooking in the crockpot. I put a turkey breast in last night before I went to sleep. It was cooking all night. Since our plans were to have dinner at my sister's house, I thought it would be nice to have some turkey on hand here for "leftovers" and sandwiches and even some soup. Just like in "The Christmas Story" - when the narrator talks about the turkey hash, turkey a la king and gallons of turkey soup!

We had a nice visit with DS Dan and his girlfriend. I can see that she is good to him, and good for him! Before they arrived, I put two ducks in the oven to roast. DH Wayne just loves duck for Thanksgiving. They weren't quite finished by the time Dan and Nicole left, so we packed up the roaster and took them with us to my sister's, where the ducks finished cooking in her oven.

My sister had a wonderful dinner for us, with mashed potatoes (or masha-tatoes, as her granddaughter calls them), gravy, corn, sweet potatoes, squash, delicious stuffing, turkey, the duck I brought over, and 4 kinds of pie. She sent us home with a little of everything. I am stuffed! We had a nice time together. Wayne and my sister's BF exchanged hunting stories - some of them were hilarious! We had lots of laughs and talked about our memories of growing up with my mom and dad. I miss them. But it wasn't the sad, bittersweet holiday I expected that it would be.

On a crochet note, I worked on the items I'm making for my holiday exchange partner. Then I decided to try some improvising and crocheted a mitten. It didn't come out too bad, considering it's the first I've ever made. I think they'll be good enough to leave in my car for emergencies. I was working on them while visiting with Dan and Nicole, and finished up mitten number one. Now to see if I can make the other one match, as I wasn't writing down what I was doing with the first one! This should be interesting. I'll post photos later, when I have both mittens finished.

It was a nice afternoon and evening with family and friends. I hope you all had the same!

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