Friday, January 25, 2008

We're in Puerto Rico

We are on the cruise that we planned so many months ago. I still feel odd being on this trip, but my brothers and sisters all said they wish they were going. If there was anything my dad wouldn't like, it would have been to waste the money spent for this trip.

We arrived in San Juan about 12:30 this afternoon (they are one hour ahead of us). It was a good flight - I think it's because we had a woman captain. Arriving at the airport, we both ended up getting the works at security. My knee set off the metal detector so it took a while to get through that area. Afterwards, we claimed the bags and went to the grouhd transportation area. They have people outside who will write you a cab voucher, telling you up front how much it will cost to get where you're going, and they hail the cab for you. It was a good system - we were on the way to the hotel in no time.

The hotel is okay - not top of the line. We have a nice ocean view though. Wayne and I sat by the pool for a long time and watched the waves rolling in. It is a strong surf here, so they don't let you swim in the ocean. Pretty area, though.

We did a little shopping - the airport fellows threw away Wayne's shaving cream and our toothpaste. Containers were too big. We bought what he needed. Crochet sighting - a little hat crocheted with raffia, I think. Cute pattern. We walked along the street, checking out the different restaurants and they have a casino here.

At dinner time, we went to the casino and lost a little money there. Then we went to dinner at Gusto di Italia. The service was sloooooooooooow. Our waiter, Mr. "Short Term Memory Loss", kept coming back to ask us what we ordered. First it was the drinks. He forgot what Wayne had ordered. Then he came back later (much later) and asked us if we ordered stuffed mushrooms. By the time the mushrooms arrived, we were losing our appetites because we were there so long. I said to Wayne that it was soon time for Mr. "STML" to come back to ask us what entrees we ordered. Swear to God, 5 minutes later, Mr. STML was standing behind us looking very confused! More than two hours for dinner, and we even told him to skip the salad course. We did strike up a conversation with the couple next to us. They say they come here for 3 months every year, instead of going to Florida.

All in all, it was a nice first day. I especially enjoyed watching the surf. It was quiet time, just time to sit and think and enjoy the sun.

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