Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time with Family

My brothers and sisters and I have been able to spend some time together. Everyone is in town for my dad's funeral, which was held on Saturday. It was a very nice ceremony, with representatives from the Army in attendance to honor his military service. It was my dad's wish for a military funeral. There were nieces and nephews at the service from upstate and we had a nice time reminiscing at the luncheon afterwards. My dad was one of ten children (as was my mother) so our family is very large.

My siblings and I have been looking at old photos on our family website, and telling and retelling stories from when we were kids. We've laughed and cried together. It's been good to see them all, even though the circumstances that brought us all together have been so very sad.

Everyone has been so kind - my employer send a bread basket to our house for my son, and a sweets tray from a local bakery for us. The human resources managers also sent a very nice deli tray, with cold cuts, potato salad, cole slaw, condiments, bread and rolls - that was greatly appreciated. We'll be getting together at the house one more time as a group tomorrow.

I've been discussing a dilemma with my brothers and sisters. My husband and I scheduled a cruise for this year, and we were supposed to leave on vacation on Friday the 25th. I had considered investigating the possibility of postponing this trip - unfortunately, we had not purchased trip insurance. My husband feels that we should still go, and says the time away would do me good. I feel guilty even thinking about going, but my siblings all say that I should go and not worry about it. They said they would go, if they were in my place. I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time, but I don't know if I can enjoy it now.

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