Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monday - St. Maarten

This is the second time we've visited St. Maarten. We were somewhat familiar with the shopping at the port. We ventured off down some of the side streets which took us into a residential area. We passed a school building. As we passed, the front door opened and the most animated group of children spilled out of the building - recess time! They wore lovely blue school uniforms. What a charming scene!

We found a shop where I bought the swimsuit I've been needing, and also picked up a sewing kit. I was going to string some beads to crochet rosaries this week, but didn't have a needle threader. I'm all set now.

Wayne and I didn't do any specific tours in St. Maarten. The fishing trip we were booked for cancelled. Second cancellation this trip. But it was nice to have the ship so deserted. We sat by the pool and I soaked up some sun. A little too much, I think.

A nice calm day - the weather couldn't be nicer.

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