Friday, August 31, 2012

Sometimes, Life Needs Tivo...

Ever wish you could play back life like you could your favorite TV show? I do. Every once in a while, something happens and I wish I could hit a button that would rewind about 30 seconds or so. Wait - how did that happen? Ziiiiippp - oh, I totally missed that little detail. So wish I had caught that the first time. Or wouldn't it be great to review those moments that made us smile? Wouldn't it be nice if we could just push a button and see/relive those times that made us the happiest? I had a discussion with someone earlier this week about remembering little things that our kids said and did when they were young. My 2 boys are going to be 26 and 29 this year. My mother told me over and over when they were just tots that I should write a book full of the sweet and funny little stories I told her about the boys. I wish I had. Now, just once in a while, something will come to mind and I try to capture it in this blog. Like the time that DS Dan ran to me, just a toddler, and said "Fire! Fire!" I ran to the kitchen, my heart in my mouth. Finding no flames or smoke, I turned to Dan to see him pointing out the kitchen window. There was the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen - the sky did indeed look like it was on fire, bathed in a beautiful orange glow. Amazing.


  1. I could just imagine your panic! What a great story.
    Every now and then I love to read back my updates on facebook as it is full of funny little stories of my kids. Earlier this week I was telling my children about when my eldest son was little and I found him playing golf with a whole carton of eggs.

  2. Very astute. My mother suggested the same thing to me, and I didn't do it either. Now as I read blog posts by young mothers, it reminds me of things my kids said and did, and I want to tell them to keep blogging as a permanent record of those precious moments. Have a great Labor Day weekend!