Saturday, August 11, 2012

Okay - Some Promised Photos (They Aren't Much...)

Okay, I promised some photos for the project I decided on for the Crochetville Crochet Games Of Ancient Greece. Unfortunately, it's the end of the competition and I've fallen painfully behind schedule. I've only completed 30 rows of the project, and I'm nowhere near finished with it. It's going to be a backpack made with crochet nylon, and when I do finish it, it will go to my grandson. I hope he's not going to be embarrassed carrying an owl backpack on his first day of college! LOL!
Here is the photo the magazine used for their pattern:
As you can see, I haven't progressed very far. I will finish it. The crochet nylon is a little more difficult to work with. I am used to working at a quick pace, and the hook doesn't move smoothly through the nylon. It's funny - you think it would. I also crochet tightly, so that makes it a little more difficult to work with. But, I hope to post more photos when I actually finish this bag!

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