Sunday, April 8, 2012

Home From Myrtle Beach

What a wonderful week away! We spent plenty of quality time as a family and had lots of fun. My grandson loved the pool - the water in the ocean was a bit too cold yet, but even I officially dipped my toes in the ocean.

My niece's wedding at Brookegreen Gardens was lovely! Such a beautiful place. I wish her and her new husband many many happy years together.

The bad news is that we are back to work tomorrow.

Below is a photo of the shawl I made - it came in handy as a quick rainstorm came through and it was good to have something to throw over my shoulders.

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  1. Hi Jeannie! Your time in Myrtle Beach sounds wonderful, and I love the beautiful shawl you made! I'm wondering if I might make a shawl for my daughter's wedding, which is set for August. I'm wearing a sleeveless black dress, and don't expect the temps should drop too low for that time of year, but I still can get cold very easily; so if the church, or the reception hall is running the air conditioner(s) too high for my liking, a shawl or shrug may be necessary... Anyways, hope you had a very Happy Easter! I cooked up a big dinner for the family today, and now I'm looking at a very big mess to clean up! Right or wrong, I'm thinking most of it can wait till morning! (0; Yup.. Tomorrow morning sounds like a very idea to me! ((hugs)) ~tina