Saturday, April 28, 2012

From Happy to Sad in 10 Minutes

Our cat had surgery on Tuesday to remove a lump on her chest. She's had a rough time recovering from the surgery and we've been worried about her. Until this morning - she started eating again and we expect it won't be long before we won't have to give her water through a syringe. She should start drinking on her own as well. Now the sad - the vet called to say the biopsy came back as malignant. She has mammary cancer that has invaded the lymph nodes. With radical treatment - mastectomy and radiation or chemo - she might have 9 months to a year. We are choosing to forgo treatment and make her comfortable in her last months. Without treatment, we can expect 6-9 months. I am crying - she is such a sweet and lovable cat.

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  1. You have my sympathy, and I know I would have made the same decision in your situation. Best wishes to you and your pet.