Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why I Love Amazon

I've been looking for a long time for a pattern I had a long time ago, but misplaced somewhere. It may be in my attic in a bag of yarn, or I may have left it where it ended up mixed with newspapers and ended up with the recycling. I've looked high and low for it, and even posted on a crochet forum board asking if someone might have it and be willing to trade for it. No luck. Until Monday...

On a lark, I searched Amazon for the pattern I was looking for - Charming Cherubs and Angel Pets. I found it! An out-of-print pattern, and it was $3.95! Hallelujah! I received it today, it's in very good condition and once I finish my current projects, I plan on making a doll or two.

I also scored another out-of-print pattern in high demand - Crochet the Birth of Christ. It's the pattern I used to make my prized Nativity set. I can now make another so that one day, each of my sons will have a set of their own.

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