Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Quiet Sunday Morning

I was up early this morning. DS Tom signed up to work overtime today - 5 hours at double-time pay for him. So here I am, with a dog snoring on my lap, updating my little piece of cyberspace.

I'm still making hats and blankets for the NICU. I've been having some fun with the hats. I've got an idea or two floating around in my brain, so I'll have to see if I can make my ideas into an actual hat this week.

I made a cute cloche-style hat in an adult size, and already have an order from someone I work with to make another in her choice of colors! What a surprise!

I hope to get over to see my sweet grandson today - his mom said that he's discovered that he loves bananas (nanas) and that he reads books to his mom. Of course, we don't understand everything he is saying, but who cares.

And apparently, there is ANOTHER storm on it's way to use early this week. The piles of plowed snow are starting to resemble Mount Everest and it may not all melt until June. I am SICK of snow! Oh, to be on a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean!

Photos of some of my newest hats to follow.

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  1. We're bracing for it, too! Hopefully not too much accumulation this time! Good time to stay in and crochet, for sure. Looking forward to more hat pix!