Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcoming a Daughter

I got a call from my DS's girlfriend on Saturday. She was so excited! My son proposed to her on Saturday. I'm so happy for them both! She is a sweet and loving girl and a wonderful mother to my grandson. My husband and I are proud to welcome her into our family - she is the daughter we've always wanted. No wedding date has been set yet, but the kids are talking about sometime next summer.

I spent the weekend with my nose buried in a Kindle, reading a book called "Tender Graces". I loved this book and recommend it highly. The author is Kathryn Magendie. It struck a chord with me, being a child of the 60's - candy cigarettes, plaid pedal pushers, bikes with cards in the spokes or streamers on the handlebars.

Looking forward to finishing the week, and enjoying the upcoming 3-day weekend. I hope we have nice weather. We came out of one heatwave only to be caught up in another, with only 2 days in between to cool off. It's going to be a hot hot summer!

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