Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday - It's a Beautiful Morning!

No special plans today except to catch up on laundry and to catch up on crochet as well. I have been making progress with the sweetheart ripple afghan. It's slow going for me as most of it is in single crochet. I went up to check the garden this morning. We've had a lot of rain and the tomato plants have grown quite tall. My pepper plants are still quite small, but they have peppers on them the size of large gumballs! My swiss chard didn't do well this year. Most of the leaves are turning brown. My potatoes have taken off this year and I hope to have a crop like last year's.

We've had such hot muggy weather - feels more like late July and August than it does June.

This will be an exciting week for me. This coming Saturday will be my flying lesson! I am really looking forward to it! I'll have to ask the pilot to take photos for me so that I can post them here!

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