Saturday, January 2, 2010

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

I was up very late last night, so I put in the CD that came with my Discovery Flight kit. I think I'm excited about trying this! If the introductory flight doesn't prove to be overwhelming (which I don't expect it to), I honestly think I'd like to pursue flying lessons and get a private pilot's license. I am psyched (not psycho)! No thoughts of becoming a professional. It would just be fun to invite my BFF to take a flight with me now and then. Or just go sightseeing from the air. My husband has already told me not to expect him to accompany me. That's okay - I've already told him I won't be joining him under the sea.

I think I got the bug to fly when I made arrangements to take my husband and sons on a sightseeing tour in a small aircraft at a local airport. None of them had ever flown before. DH stayed on the ground, but my sons went with me. I was amazed at the visibility - being able to see from the air places that were an hour or more away by car. The only time I got nervous was thinking about the descent - it turned out to be like riding an escalator down! Fantastic!

I'm very close to picking up my afghan again and working on it. I keep thinking about it. I've started my Sue Grafton novel and want to finish that first.

DH just came home from work - I just threw some hot dogs on to cook. With the leftover sauerkraut, it should make for a quick dinner. I guess I'll go check on it.

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  1. Oh boy.. Hot dogs and sauerkraut! I thought I was the ONLY person who liked them that way!.. Wow, flying lessons.. I remember when I knew someone taking lessons, and I got to ride along, in a little Cessna, if I remember the name of the plane correctly.. I can remember everything was great, fun in fact!.. until it was time to land. I did NOT like THAT part!.. Well, that was a good number of years ago.. What an adventure, I think though, to learn how to fly! Sounds great, Jeannie!.. ~tina