Saturday, January 23, 2010

How About Some Funny News Today?

I was watching the Saturday edition of Good Morning America this morning and got a chuckle from this story: a serial car burglar who gets his just desserts.

Here's another one: Don't steal a snowmobile...

And more dumb criminal stories.

I have a few chores waiting for me this morning - I'm upset with them so I think I'll make them wait a little longer! LOL! Only one chore is seriously in need of attention and that is to mail a package this morning.

But my coffee is calling me...


  1. Hi Jeannie! Love these stories! It's funny to read them, and comforting to know they've been CAUGHT! I don't like the stories and t.v. shows where you're still wondering WHERE THEY ARE!.. gives me the creeps! Hope you're enjoying the weekend! We had unusually warm and sunny weather yesterday; and if I didn't know it was still only January, I would have thought Spring was on its way! (0; Wishful thinking!