Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yarn and Hook Today, I Hope

I've decided to try to pick up yarn and hook today and work on something small. Why does something I love so much feel like such a chore? I've also given fishkeeping a try again. This weekend, my husband helped me clean out the old 5 gallon tank (the one replaced when the 20 gallon shattered last Christmas) and some balloon-belly mollies and some skirted tetras have moved in. The little balloon-belly mollies are my favorites.

My sister has extended an invitation to her home for Thanksgiving. I think our family will be joining her. We'll cook a small turkey breast at home the day before so that we have some left-overs here at the house.

We will get together with family for Christmas either the weekend before or the weekend after, leaving Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to celebrate with our own families. I can't think about Christmas yet. At this point, I want to ask my husband if we can forgo the tree and decorations this year. I don't want them - not yet.

This is my grandson's first Christmas - he will be one spoiled little boy...

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  1. Yay! Always nice to see you blogging! Good luck with the crochet -- but don't force yourself if it feels like a chore.