Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mindfulness and Long Promised Photos of Chemo Caps

Monday's session was hard to get through, as the group focused on me and my problems. It made me not want to return on Wednesday, but I find that my desire to get well outweighs the bad feelings dredged up during sessions. I went in and found that one of the topics was Mindfulness and how it can work for you. I've had a session on mindfulness already and I had some problems wrapping my mind around the idea.

I was super-stressed out and kind of zoned-out during the session. Some of it must have sunk in however. Today, I walked out on my way to another appointment and was struck by the sense of the sun trying to break through the clouds - the warmth, the bright light. For a moment, I didn't notice my overwhelming feelings. A few minutes later, as I drove along seeing the trees mostly denuded of leaves, my attention was captured by 3 trees still wearing their autumn attire. One bright gold, one burgundy and one rust, all standing in a row. "Wow!" I though. "How cool is that?" Again, mindful of my surroundings and not my feelings for a change. I must remember to tell the moderator of the mindfulness session about my experience. Not sure if this is what she meant by mindfulness, but it's what I think I took away from the session.

Lastly, these are the photos of the chemo caps I made for my sister-in-law. Made from patterns found at Yarncat's website.


  1. Lovely caps, but even lovelier to hear hope in your words!

  2. It is so easy to get lost in the way we are feeling and forget about what is around us. I am so happy that you are still pushing forward! Nice job on the caps, I love Yarn Cat's patterns.