Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day

These group sessions I'm attending are difficult at times. It's comforting to know that others find themselves in a difficult situation, but once it's your turn to speak...

The pain, the insecurities, the grief, the guilt...this is what we're dredging up, little by little.

To parents out there who feel that their child is "just doing what kids do" when they tease or make fun of other children - shame on you! You have no clue what you are condoning! Have the guts to make your kid stop victimizing those who are different from them. If you were teased or, worse yet, if you were the bully - stop the cycle now.

I went out the other day and bought some yarn, hoping to get a project started. Hasn't happened yet. This overwhelming lethargy and apathy is unbelievable.

I did make an appointment to go get my hair cut. I haven't had it done for months. I usually wear it very short, and it's gotten to an annoying length. Yesterday I washed it and let it dry. Looked in the mirror and said "What the hell is that on my head? Looks like something the cat coughed up!" I trust my hairdresser will think of something good to do with it.


  1. HI Jeannie!

    Let us know what your hair dresser does!

    ~ Susan

  2. I know its not the cure all, but going to the hairdresser has amazing healing benefits. At least for me. I don't go all that often, especially now that my income is lower, so when I do, it feels really good. The nice thing about yarn & crochet is it waits for us. I hope that things get easier in your group session. I can chat away, but when it comes to that kind of setting, I don't always want to be raw and honest. Or worse, I think that my story is not as significant as someone elses and I chastise myself, which is so so wrong. Keep your chin up, you have cheerleaders here rooting for you!