Thursday, October 29, 2009

Relatively Good Day Today

I have been taking my meds almost on schedule lately. Today wasn't too bad a day. Didn't cook dinner, but had plenty of leftover stuffed pepper soup in the fridge. I did remember to keep my appointment for a haircut. I usually make the appointment for a cut, color and highlights, but being out of work on disability, I'm watching the pennies from one check to the next. Thank God my husband is working.

I like the haircut. What necessitated the cut was the fact that my sister offered to help me color my hair this weekend. I couldn't have her see me looking like a dust bunny with legs, so I made a date with the hairdresser. I am trying to save pennies, but honestly, my hairdresser is the only one I will allow to cut my hair. She's done it for years, since the days when highlights were done when the hair was pulled through thin caps with (sharp)crochet hooks. Remember that? I still remember my little one who accompanied me saying "Gee, Mommy - you look just like Beetlejuice!" For months now I've been unwilling to leave the house for any reason except to work - on days when I felt I could handle it. Most of those days I haven't been able to. So the hair's been growing out and looking a little wild.

Anyway, my standard summer cut is short - Jamie Lee Curtis in the Activia commercials short. The winter version is a touch longer.

Wondering what the day holds in store for tomorrow. Painful? Cathartic? Most days I come home in tears. I hope that lets up soon.

Forgive me, readers. I hope to get back to crochet-related posts soon.

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