Sunday, August 23, 2009

OK - I Couldn't Wait Until Christmas...

I gave my grandson the blanket I made for him. I was going to make it a Christmas gift, but I went to visit him tonight and he is just toooooooo cute! Dan and Nicole are doing such a great job with him. He is so healthy and happy!

He sat on the floor and I spread the blanket out in front of him. First he caught the fringe with his toes! I couldn't help but laugh. Then he reached over to touch the figures on the blanket and he seemed fascinated with the monkey.

Here's his furbuddy Brody investigating the blanket along with Justin:


  1. ADORABLE BABY!!! And cute blanket... :-)


  2. Oh Jeannie! This picture of the baby and the dog checking out your beautiful blanket together is PRICELESS! Really CUTE!! (0; ~tina

  3. I love how he's nuzzled up against the tree examining it. I wouldn't have waited, either! :)

  4. oh this is very sweet indeed. the blanket looks wonderful, good job!