Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bounty From The Garden

I am visiting my sister this morning in S. New Jersey. I picked some potatoes from my garden before leaving the house. One of my plants was quite yellow-looking, signaling that the potatoes were about ready for picking. So I pulled the plant out, dug around in the dirt with my fingers (got dirt under the nails to prove it!) and voila!

That's before cleaning - they look much more appetizing now that they are washed. I left two at home for my husband, in case he wants to try any tonight for dinner. They really are a nice size, and no blemishes! The medium sized potatoes in the photos are about the size of a baseball. Here they are after cleaning them up:

I am surprised and pleased at how many I got from one plant - unless some of these came from the plant next to it? Can't wait to try them!

Waiting for a call from dear Nicole to see how Justin is this morning. I hope he had a restful night, and that his parents got some sleep too.


  1. The potatoes look great. We got seeds to try a garden here. It never happened. :P (We tried to grow grass and it didn't work, so we kinda got discouraged...) (We live in the desert)

  2. Mmmm....I've been craving potato soup, which is weird since its summer and SO DARN hot.
    Good to hear the little man is home & resting, prayers are still with him. =)