Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Healing Weekend...

I spent Saturday and Sunday with my dear sister and her husband at their home in S. New Jersey. It was a relaxing weekend, spent in the company of two wonderful people. My sister is kind and caring and spending time with her is special. We didn't have to talk a lot - just being there, away from the workaday world, was enough. I am very grateful to my sister for being there for me. I love her so much!

I am fortunate to have such a caring support system around me - brothers, sisters, husband. A lot of people aren't so lucky.

Last night, I went shopping on Amazon for Kindle books. Found some bargains. Downloaded 5 e-books - all of them free!


  1. Hi Jeannie! Glad to hear you had some quality time with your sister!.. and that you're starting to harvest some goodies from your garden! Good things come in threes? Your Potter Package is on it way! It's just an assortment of little things, either having to do with the stories or the posts I had done! I hope you like it. I think it should be there in a few days, if I understood correctly! ~tina

  2. Hi!

    It's great to have a support system like that. My whole family is mine. So I guess were both on the lucky side... :-)

    ~ Susan

  3. Glad you had a relaxing weekend; and are so close to your family.

    Congrats on the free books, too.

  4. What a wonderful way to relax...surrounded by love & support, it's like a big hug that keeps on hugging. :)