Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30th - Home from Vacation

We arrived home from North Carolina on Wednesday. I've been having trouble with my knee all week. When I returned to work on Thursday, I was limping badly. My knee was swollen immensely! I went to the doctor today and got an injection in my knee and the news that it's ready for replacement. Not a surprise, as I already had one knee replacement and won't mind having this one done. However, I think I will wait until next year. The doctor said there is no rush, unless I have these flareups often during the year. He feels it was too much walking on the sand, which is hard on your knees anyway. I thought it was just too much walking, period!

While on vacation, I finished my round ripple afghan intended as a baby gift to be presented by my brother to a friend he works with.

It turned out really nicely, with a reverse single crochet border.

Back to vacation - I truly enjoyed visiting the Outer Banks - a lovely place! More photos...

Looking forward to a comfortable weekend at home, crocheting!

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  1. beautiful place. I like to go to the western part of the state. sorry bout your knee.