Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh, My Aching Back! Oh Well -Time to Crochet~

Been having back trouble this weekend. Nasty muscle spasms for 3 days, and so I've been taking it easy. Good excuse to break out the yarn and hook. Not too strenuous! I owe my hairdresser a baby gift and so I put together a hat and poncho set. It's made with baby print, white and pink worsted weight yarn. The hat actually started out as a round ripple afghan. Part way into the afghan, I wondered how it would look as a hat. I like it!

Much as I hate to say it though, I would like to go back to work tomorrow. That would mean the pain is lessening! As long as I have someone who can pull me up out of my chair (or wheel me down the hallway), I should be fine!

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