Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ghosts and Goblins

It's Halloween night and the costumed kiddies are out and about! I really enjoy seeing the little ones dressed up - we've had Harry Potter, princesses, a king, Eeyore, a wolfman who got quite insulted that I called him the big bad wolf, and lots more. One little Batman jumped about 6 inches off the ground when I answered the knock at the door. Probably because he could hear the two dogs barking like crazy here inside the house. At least I think that was the reason - I hope I'm not that scary!

I remember when my brothers, sisters and I used to go out for Halloween. My mom kept a bag of old clothes (the "rag bag") in the cellar, and each October we'd go through it to see what we could salvage and turn into costumes. We designed many a scarecrow and hobo costume, we were ghosts, monsters, clowns, and steelworkers and even "Granny Clampett". That was my sister - she looked like Irene Ryan's twin! I don't think that any of us even owned a store-bought costume! Today, some of the kids think a hoodie and a pillowcase are all you need for Halloween.

Finally finished the Pink Ribbon Cancer Awareness afghan. I ran out of yarn and had to finish the last 6 rows with a yarn slightly darker than the rest of the afghan, and I'm heartsick about it. The fundraising auction is next week, so I'll have to donate it as is. Everyone at work was nice about it and said they didn't notice - but it sticks out like a sore thumb when I look at it! It will be on display in our building, and the other buildings in the complex will have a picture of it to display. Above is the photo I took.

Someone asked me if I was putting a doll "room" in the auction this year. It was the person who won last year's set of Barbie furniture. I'm sorry to say that she'll be disappointed this year. I've been out of sorts for so long and just started to get back into crochet mode in July. I've got a lot of hooking to catch up on. So many projects - so little time!

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