Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Pioneer Life - You Can Keep It!

We are on our second day without power here - 5:39 pm will be 48 hours.  Doesn't look like it's coming back any time soon.
Sandy was not kind to the East Coast.  I read on the internet (battery will soon be dying on the 'puter and thank God for my mobile 4G hotspot) that over 5 million are without power.  Lost a tree in our back yard but a special thanks to God that it fell away from the house.

Now I see why the pioneers were up so early in the morning.  It's because they had no electricity and they were in bed by 7:00 pm!  We have 2 lanterns and several flashlights and I have 2 small candles in jars burning in the sink in the bathroom.  That's it.

We are cooking outdoors on the gas grill.  The contents of my refrigerator will be a total loss.  I have a huge amount of frozen food in the stand-along freezer which I am not touching.  I hope that it stays frozen enough to re-freeze.  I was always told that as long as there are still ice crystals in it, it's safe to freeze again.  I may be making a big pot of vegetable soup when the power comes back though.

Damn Sandy!

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