Thursday, October 25, 2012

Good Wishes For My Daughter-in-Law

My dear daughter-in-law is having surgery this morning.  I am wishing her all the best.  I know everything will be alright.
We had dear grandson stay overnight with us so that I could drop him off at the baby-sitter's house this morning.  My goodness - to be young again!  "Let's go, Grammy!  Let's race!"  I loved watching him skip up the driveway (notice kids are the only ones who ever skip - why do adults not do that?  It's looks like a ton of fun!)  I really wish I felt as good about starting my day as he did about his.  The innocence of children.
I really have not had time to crochet and I've been missing it so.  But I'm almost through with this class and I should finish with an A!  Just one more group project to work on and one more test.

I do have plans to make another gray and white afghan for the NICU, since I still have plenty of those colors left.  I can't believe that it is almost Halloween - heck, it's almost Thanksgiving!  I'm taking the easy way out for Thanksgiving this year.  Ordering a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner from the local supermarket.  I can't enjoy a dinner after spending hours making it.  This way, no muss, no fuss, no 50 pounds of leftovers!

Well, back to school work this morning.  I miss my little grandson already!

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