Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Trip to Hobby Lobby!

I have been dying to visit a Hobby Lobby store! There are none in the area where we live, but a store opened recently in South Jersey where my sister lives. We happened to be visiting this weekend, and got to stop in for a look-see.

Believe it or not - did I head straight for the yarn department? No! My eye caught sight of some small accent tables on sale, and I hoped against hope that they might have a twin to the maroon colored table I purchased recently for my living room. I bought it at Home Goods, not realizing that Home Goods just gets truckloads of items in, and there is no guarantee that the same items will be delivered any time soon! So I wandered up and down the aisles of tables, chairs, glassware, vases, decorative lamps, etc. Skunked again! No maroon table. Ah, well. Off to find the yarn.

Was I a little disappointed to see that there were 1 and a half racks of yarn? You betcha! There was one rack (5 shelves deep, of course) holding Red Heart Super Saver and I Love This Yarn. There was another half-rack (again, 5 shelves deep) with various other kinds of yarn, including cotton. The other half of the rack was dedicated to thread. What the heck? I searched the area and couldn't even find pattern books. When I asked, a helpful employee directed me to the back part of the fabric area, where I found crochet, knit, and plastic canvas pattern books. Really, I expected much more of a selection of yarn than I saw there.

Are all Hobby Lobbys like that? I thought there was too much decorator stuff and not enough craft - okay - not enough yarn.


  1. We're getting a hobby lobby near here, too in Central NJ. That's disappointing about the yarn selection.

  2. Our Hobby Lobby here in Ohio is like that too. It was such a let down after waiting to check out their yarn. I agree they have too much decor stuff and not enough crafty stuff.

  3. Sorry, I'm still waiting to get to the one in NH. DH has promised me a trip, but it is a day trip. All I really want is to pick up some of the ILT yarn, I can get most of the other yarn locally so that isn't a big challenge. However, kind swappers have sent me a few samples of the ILTY yarn and I love the softness of it and would love to get a supply.