Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Closer to Spring

On Saturday, we rolled the clocks ahead - taking us that much closer to spring. I cannot wait!
Today was a pretty good day for a Monday. I had a really great weekend, too. I finished Justin's sweater, although I'm not so sure not that it will fit him. I crocheted the sweater following the instructions for a size 4 toddler, and even went up two hook sizes to make it a little roomier. I haven't tried it on Justin yet, but I'm really afraid it won't fit him, and he only wears a size 3 in everything else. I think it's the stitch pattern - it's not very forgiving (It's a single crochet, ch 1 stitch combination, with all single crochets worked into the ch 1 space on subsequent rows). There's no stretch to it when it's finished. Well, if it doesn't fit him, I'll make another! I'll shoot for a size 6, and donate the other sweater.
I also finished a toddler hat for a co-worker and she loved it! It's my spiral seam hat pattern. I made it in a soft yellow color and finished it with a button atop the stem. Then I worked some interchangeable flowers that will just button into place on the top of the hat. Everyone at work loved it! In fact, I posted a photo on my facebook page, and I even heard from a cousin who wants one in an adult size.
Anyway, here are photos of Justin's sweater, and the hat with the flowers.


  1. Love the sweater (crossing my fingers for you that it fits)... and was I just blown away with the interchangeable flowers on the hat!! SO CUTE, and fun too!.. Glad to hear it's warming up where you are. Here, the sun is shining, but the temps aren't rising as high as I'd like. Still I'm looking forward to Friday already, because they say we may actually reach the 60s!!! I just might even walk the dog that day, if it's dry enough too! ~tina