Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Short Weekend - Too Short

Of course, all weekends are too short. The workweek should be 2 days and our weekend 5 days long. Someone got it back-asswards.

I did get to spend time with sweet Justin today. He is just the cutest little guy and I love him to pieces. He sure loves his fruit snacks. We had pizza and some pretzels and juice. He enjoys looking out the window at the traffic passing by. Not that we live on a busy street, he just likes to wave at the cars and trucks.

Back to work tomorrow. First thing on the agenda for tomorrow is to call the gastroenterologist and make an appointment for an endoscopy of my throat. The GERD is awful lately. I hope that everything is still okay, and I seriously want to have my medications reevaluated. I've had some really bad nights recently.

Time to pick up the hook and yarn again. I set it aside for a while and I need to dive back in before I lose the resolve to crochet.

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  1. Hi Jeanie! Yes, the weekends definitely go by TOO FAST! In fact, Dear Son and I just had a week off from homeschooling, and I have to admit I enjoyed the break just as much as he did! I was glad to get a few things done, but I'm with you.. I haven't done a lot of crocheting lately. I really love scrapbooking, but I do plan to get my hooks and yarns out again sometime soon!.. Hope all goes well for you at the doc's! ~tina