Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Well, this is going to be one hot summer! We must have hit 100 degrees today. I went out to the grocery store this afternoon, and couldn't wait to get home. The AC in the car just couldn't kick in fast enough for me.

I started a new crochet project. My sweetheart ripple afghan is going on the back burner again for a while. I took a close look at it, and it's not going to be suitable for the grange fair. In all the time I haven't been working on it, it's been sitting on the back of my loveseat. My min pin has been pulling it down, mushing it into a comfortable bed and the afghan looks beat up already. It's okay. I will finish it and it's going to be a "keeper" afghan. My new project will be for the grange fair. I'm starting a Kathleen Early doll - L'il Buster. It's a fine project to carry back and forth to work with me - I can work on it at lunch time. So much easier to pack than a full size afghan. I'll post photos when I'm finished with it. I always have loved making dolls and animals. It's good to get back to crocheting something close to my heart again.

Stopped to see the kids this evening too. They are thinking of setting their wedding date for August or September next year. Grandson Justin, as always, was cute as a button tonight.

The nice thing about a long holiday weekend is the short workweek that follows.

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