Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunny Saturday - Sunnier Disposition

Good morning!

I just retrieved the lavender and white round ripple from the washing machine and the coffee stains are gone! It's in the dryer now and will come out soft and clean and will be able to find a new home with a patient in a NICU in California. I'm so happy!

I've started a new baby blanket, a blanket that is just one big granny square. That will also travel with its lavender buddy to CA when it's finished.

It's a sunny morning and I'm feeling so good today! Anyone who follows this blog knows that things haven't always been sunny for me, and at times seemed downright dark. But things are so much better now - seeking medical treatment was definitely the thing to do. Depression doesn't have to beat us.

I'm searching my stash of projects for something to make for the upcoming Grange Fair in August. I haven't missed a year since I first entered a project in 1993. I wasn't a winner that year, even though I was so very proud of the doll in a ballerina tutu that I made (entirely crocheted). As it turned out, someone else made the exact same doll that year - hers had black hair and mine had reddish gold hair. What are the chances? LOL! Neither of us won, but it was the start of a tradition.

I have some household chores here to do today, and some painting that I hope to finish this weekend. But more crochet is definitely on my list.

I'm enjoying the bright sunshine this morning, the windows are all open, and I can hear the birds singing. My family is healthy, my garden is growing, and my doggies are at my side. All is right with the world...

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  1. Been following the Saga of the Coffee Stains -- nice to hear they washed out! But it's even nicer to hear you're doing well. Looking forward to seeing the fair entries!