Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finished Baby Afghan

I'm happy to say that I finished the little lavender and white round ripple I started a while back. I've picked it up here and there and only accomplished a few stitches before putting it down. But I stayed with it and here it is - in all its coffee-stained glory. You may remember an earlier post in which I described a miserable day involving spilled coffee and my little blanket. I decided to finish it and wash it afterward - I'm hoping the stains come out. I think they will. Once it's cleaned up and nice and soft, I'm going to find a good home for it.


  1. Such a pretty blanket! I love the color. Goodluck in getting the stain out!

  2. Hi Jeannie! Love this, and hope the stain comes out for ya... I have still never made a round ripple blanket, but hope to try one sometime! It looks like the next couple of days are going to be nice ones! Enjoy them! ~tina