Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After 3 huge snowstorms and another nor'easter bringing almost 4 inches of rain to our area, the sun is out, it's over 60 degrees out and the flowers are peeking above ground.

I am working on a small piece of crochet work to get me back into the spirit of it. I decided a small dishcloth in spring colors would work. I'll post a photo (I know - I always promise that). It's just been so difficult lately.

Changes in my life - ups and downs - I have to keep plugging away. I pray that those days will return. Days when I crochet for hours on end, browse through my pattern booklets to search for the next project - I'm trying, folks!

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  1. Hi Jeannie! A new dishcloth sounds nice! I haven't touched a store-bought one since I can even remember.. I love the homemade crochet ones so much better! Remembering you in my prayers, as I wish you luck with the changes going on at work. As for in the mirror, I'm definitely seeing my share of changes there too, and I'm finding that all the face creams in the world can only do so much! I see the bags under my eyes, and I see my father. I put my magnifying-reading glasses on, and I look like my mother! I'm with you... Just hanging in there! ~tina