Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Quiet Saturday Afternoon

It's a beautiful day outside. I wish I could get out to take advantage of it. As it is, I'm cursing my lower back again. I'm doing okay so far with my knee replacement, progressing as expected. My back went out on me the other day and I'm finding myself in spasms occasionally. Oh, getting older is a pain! LOL! The dogs especially love jumping up on my lap, which doesn't help the situation, especially when the overweight beagle makes his landing. He pounces directly on my midsection, causing me to bend in half like a foldaway cot. Ouch!

I just received my latest issue of Crochet World magazine, and I'm anxious to check out what is new. I've abandoned my plans to complete a gingerbread house at this time, which I had selected as the Crochetville Greek Games project. I was seriously sidetracked when I found out I will be a grandmother and I've been making afghans and looking at baby patterns. I need to pack a box of preemie hats and afghans and mail them to Kathryn from Crochetville to send to the NICU for Christmas. I've sorted out some of my stash and sent yarn to my sister, who crafts for her church. I've also passed some of the overflow yarns to my friend, who lost all of her homemade afghans in a fire. Luckily, it was only material possessions that they lost in the fire. I was happy to share my bounty with her. Needless to say, my husband was happy to see some of the yarn leaving the attic!

I've added a couple of goodies to the blog. See the right hand column for some fun crosswords. They will change daily, so visit often!

Well, back to work on my little lapghan for Brandi at work. I'll post a photo when it's finished.

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