Friday, August 8, 2008


A nice quiet Friday evening, just the way I like them. We had a little rain. I love the sound of a nice even rainfall - so soothing. I am looking forward to the weekend, as I hope to have a visit from some of my brothers and sisters. I'm getting cabin fever. No driving for me for the next month yet.

I'm working on a baby afghan, another round ripple, in shades of pink. I hope it turns out nicely.

It's almost grange fair time again - where does the time go? I have some projects ready for it, and need to have someone go into the attic to bring them down. I worked on some items this past winter just for the fair. I'll have to ask someone to drop my entries off for me, I guess. This will be the 16th year for fair entries for me. I really enjoy looking for new projects each year.

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