Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nice Weekend!

Well, it's Sunday and it's been a very nice weekend. I must say I like the days getting longer! We had several threats of rain yesterday - it got very dark outside and thundered a few times, but just a few drops of rain until it stopped. Wayne took a drive to Belmar NJ to do some scuba diving. He made two dives - said the water temp was about 44 degrees. VERY COLD! He needs to make about 15 more dives to achieve his divemaster certification. Unfortunately, he lost his camera and underwater housing yesterday. Ironically, he said he took the best photos yet with it. He just purchased the camera in January of this year. He's very upset!

I had a good day - watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on TV. Loved the movies, loved the music.

The weather was a little cooler today, but still nice. We decided to take a ride this afternoon and run a couple of errands. One of those was a stop at Mid Atlantic Scuba Center to drop off the tank Wayne rented for his dive. Dinner was takeout from Chili's - yum!

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