Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Life with 3 Dogs

When Dad passed away a few months ago, we decided to keep his dog Brutus. Brutus had been adopted from a rescue group and we didn't want to send him back to have to find another new home. We were more than happy to make a home for him with us.

Life has been interesting. We already had 2 dogs in the house. One a slightly off-the-beam min pin who is the apple of my eye, and a stubborn but loveable beagle (my husband's favorite, though he actually belongs to my son). Both of them had their own little rivalry going (who would sit on Mom's lap, who got to play with the toy, who was going to eat first, etc).

Now they are having to adapt to another factor in the equation. It's had its exciting moments when we have to remind all three that the two-legged members of the household are the "top dogs". Just an FYI - you do this by rolling them over onto their backs so that they realize you are dominant. But for the most part they are beginning to settle into a pattern of peaceful coexistence.

It sure is nice to come home from a long day at work and be welcomed so heartily back into the family! You can be young or old, fat or thin, unattractive or beautiful, rich or poor, sick or healthy - your dog(s) will always love you no matter what. Makes life a whole lot better.

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