Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Best Friend's Troubles

My best friend has 4 legs.  He's going to be 13 years old and in September 2015 at his vet visit, the vet noted that he was developing cataracts.  He's always been a sprightly, lively, brave little miniature pinscher and I was sad to realize that his eyesight was compromised.  I loved looking into those clear brown eyes.  But within 2 months, he was diagnosed with diabetes and his cataracts had robbed him of his sight.  I couldn't believe how quickly it occurred.  Now he maneuvers cautiously through the house and I hope that one day he will become used to his lack of sight and move confidently from room to room.

We are working at getting his blood sugar under control with insulin shots.  Most of the time he doesn't mind his shots, but sometimes I might not do it just right and cause him to yelp or flinch.  Same with his glucose meter tests.  He's a trooper though.  Right now, he's having some infection issues in his ears and his urinary tract.  So I hope a course of antibiotics and ear drops and pain medication with clear that up.  It breaks my heart to see him pacing, barking, crying and whining all night because he's so uncomfortable.

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