Saturday, January 23, 2016


The snowstorm did indeed arrive, and we've got quite a pile of snow out there.  We are expecting to have snow through tomorrow morning, so not sure how much more to expect.  The news stations are on all day with snow coverage.  There is only so much you can watch.  Here are some photos from my view.  I like it as long as it has that Christmas card quality.  The snow is lovely when it first arrives, but within a day, it will be black and gray along the roads.  AND it will hang around forever, when it comes in amounts like this.  I know that all those who live near the Great Lakes and places like Buffalo and Albany are probably laughing at me.  "Snow?  You call that snow?"  But, hey - we aren't used to this much all at once.  I know my 7 year old grandson is very happy.  He's been waiting for snow all winter, and it's been so warm I didn't think he would get his wish.

I was just helping my husband move our cars so that he can plow the driveway, and fell on my tushie in that snowbank right at the corner of my house.  You can see it in these pictures.  Just picture me on my behind waiting for help to get up out of the snow.  Hahahaha!

Just thankful that we aren't in the floods the Jersey shore are experiencing.

Stay warm everyone.

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