Friday, May 25, 2012

"You Make Me Very Happy"

Something my grandson said to me the other day... We were sitting out back blowing soap bubbles when I noticed he was running low on soap solution. So we went inside and I mixed up a batch of soap solution and added it to his bottle. We returned to bubble-blowing, and the new bubbles climbed higher and higher into the sky. Dear grandson turned to me and said "You make me very happy". I can't tell you how that simple phrase tugged at my heart. I wish we could all be 3 and enjoy the simple things in life. You make me very happy too, little man! I am visiting my sister this weekend, and I'm delivering the wedding afghan. Finally finished it and it's been sitting in the "stash" room until I could bring it down. I hope she likes it. Didn't bring any yarn down with me, but I'll be surfing the internet looking for some interesting patterns. I've decided to try bidding on a new job at my current place of employment. They posted a good job and it sounds like something I can do and I hope to hear that I can get an interview. I did hear there are a lot of other applicants. Keeping my fingers crossed. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

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