Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Chilly Morning - And a New Crochet Project

Well, not totally new. I've begun another sweetheart ripple afghan. I finished the one for my niece.
My niece's afghan is beige and green frosted colors. I love the combination myself, but it doesn't highlight the heart pattern as much as it could have. My sister tells me, though, that these colors will be perfect for her daughter's living room. The new SR I started is in taupe and jonquil. It sounds like an odd combination, but I really like it. This one is for me, and won't be quite as large as the one I finished for my niece. I just received the Mother's Day gift I ordered for my daughter-in-law. It's a compact 7" size digital picture frame that she can keep on her desk at work. I love the frame I purchased for myself and I keep it on all the time in my living room. I love to look up and randomly catch sight of one of my favorite photos. For instance, at this very moment in time I'm viewing a photo of a sperm whale breaching the water. I shot this photo in October 2010 on a whale watching trip in Dominica. I'll never forget that trip - the sperm whales we encountered passed within feet of our boat. I could almost reach out and touch them. They passed underneath our boat and I was amazed at the size of these animals. The one closest to us must have been 25-30 feet in length. He (or she) rolled to its side when it came up beside the boat and looked at us as we peered over the side. Thrilling! I would love to be able to take a trip like that again. Well, back to the crocheting. I have, in fact, 3 WIPs in the works, so I really should sit down and decide which to do. Photos will be posted later.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the afghan; it is lovely.