Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Little Journaling Today

It seems the massive fish kill I had in my aquarium is finally at an end. I haven't had this many fish die since the Great Aquarium Explosion of 2008. Something happened to the water quality driving the ammonia levels up and ph down. Apparently I cleaned it too well, removing the beneficial bacteria. I've been building the levels back up and now hopefully I can restock. I will miss my little finny friends, as most of them were born and raised in that aquarium.

On a crochet note, I've retrieved an old friend from my UFO stash - the Sweetheart Ripple afghan. With Valentine's day so close, I am determined to finish it this weekend. I'm surprised to see how quickly I was able to fall back into the rhythm of the stitches, as it took some time to master. I intend to post some pictures of the finished afghan - tomorrow!

Happy crocheting!

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