Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Blahs...

Another birthday has come and gone. UGH! We got some wet snow last night and DH is outside shoveling. Double UGH! I'm sitting here with a stuffed up head that is making me wish the winter was already over. UGH!

Enough carping. At least we all woke up this morning. Something to smile about.

I'm working on a trusty round ripple afghan. I do love making these. I'm going to call it Blue Skies and Sunshine. It's white, blue and yellow. A nice cheery combination.

It was sweet Justin's third birthday last weekend. His parents had a fun party for him at a place called "Bouncing Off the Walls". His little friends from the baby sitter's all attended. A GREAT time was had by all. Oh, to be a kid again! No worries, no cares, no responsibilities. Aren't we all jealous? Or is it just me? LOL!

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  1. Oh, a round ripple? I just finished my very first one, and had so much fun making it!!! Can't wait to see yours! (Would you believe I'm now working on a Wool Eater one?! I must be feeling adventurous this year!!)... As for Justin; THREE did you say?!!! My gosh, time flies quicker than we think! Love the video! ~tina