Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Shower

The baby shower was today and my boss loved the dress! I'm very happy that she did. I really enjoyed making this style dress and I think I might try making it in a finer yarn to make a smaller size. I think I'd like to send a few to the NICU unit along with the hats and blankets I have here to send.


  1. Oh, it came out BEAUTIFUL!!.. And I LOVE the sweet little headband you made to go with it too!... Hope you're enjoying your weekend. The rain just KEEPS on coming here, and they SAY it's going to clear up; but I'm looking out my window AS I TYPE this, and it sure doesn't look it! Oh well, guess I'll get some more baking done today! ~tina

  2. that is so great to hear! it really did turn out adorable so i'm glad to hear they loved it!!