Monday, April 18, 2011

A Labor of Love

I was honored to be asked to crochet a hat for Gloria - her last hat. Her family sent me a photo of the dress they selected for her viewing and funeral, and so I went out to find some lilac yarn to try to match the dress as closely as possible. I'm not sure if I came close or not, but I am very happy with the hat itself.

I got the pattern from an Annie's Attic booklet - Chemo Caps and Wraps. It is called the Spiral Cap and it turned out just lovely! I express-mailed it to the family so that it will arrive before the viewing tomorrow night. We will be attending both services, but this way they will have it so that she will look lovely.

I love the look of the finished hat but I don't know if I'll ever make another. Not that it was a difficult hat to make - it wasn't. But that will forever be "Gloria's hat".

Maybe sometime in the future I will make that style again and donate them to an oncology center.


  1. Oh, such a beautiful hat, and it's wonderful that you could do such a kindness during this difficult time. The color and pattern are both very pretty, and I imagine making more in the future, like you say, would be a wonderful thing for others who need them... Thanks for stopping by today, and I'm glad you liked my album! Thank you! I'm still laughing at my nervous self a little, but I'm proud of how the album came out. It was fun, and I really look forward to making other albums eventually! ~tina

  2. Yarnjeannie, you did a beautiful job - and you are so right, what an amazing honor! This brought me to tears in a good way. The love literally shows in every stitch. Gorgeous :)