Friday, November 19, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

I've been away from blogging for a while, but the good news is that I've been crocheting.

I've finished a shawl for a sister-in-law who is ill. I've started another one, too. I also finished a sushi scarf, but I'm not real thrilled with it. It has a giant center, and not much white surrounding it. I wish I could unravel it from the starting end, to make the pink center smaller. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I am starting a hat for my grandson too. It's wool, so it should be warm. I found some lovely autumn colors at Joann's, and if you purchased 5 skeins of yarn, you got a free Paton's tote bag. It's a real cool bag, canvas with pockets.

Thanksgiving is coming up. I still don't know for sure what my plans are. Do I stay home and cook for 3 people, because my husband has to work that day, or do I travel to my sister's house, where she is hosting Thanksgiving dinner for most of my family? It's cheesy to leave my husband home with a Thanksgiving platter from Boston Market, I guess. But my son, future daughter-in-law and my grandson want to go to my sister's house for dinner.

This is going to be a busy weekend. I'm gathering up some unused yarn (got to clean up the stash) and I want to donate it to a nursing home for the residents to use. I think I have some hooks, pattern books and magazines to send as well.

Here is a photo of the completed shawl:

By the way, does anyone know how to use whole nutmeg? Is the nutmeg in a protective shell that you need to crack open? I've never bought it before, but I brought some home from vacation and I'm not sure how to use it. I've checked the internet, and I find some people say you need to crack it open and the nutmeg is inside, and some people say you don't need to do that - the whole thing is the nutmeg and you just grate it to use it. HELP! I have relatives asking me how to use what I gave them, and I don't know what to tell them. Anyone who has ever used fresh nutmeg before - your advice would be greatly appreciated. Here is a photo:

These are packaged in a cellophane bag, so it's not a great photo. But to me, they look like they have a hard shell and that they should be cracked open to use them. Is the shell to be discarded?


  1. Hi Jeannie! It's good to see you and your beautiful work again! Love the shawl!.. Whatever you choose to do, I just wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy! ((hugs)) ~tina

  2. Just wanted to tell you that nutmeg is ground on a very fine grater. I know this is an old post, but I hope this helps.