Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yaaaaaayyyy! Spam Filters on Blogger!

I see that Blogger has initiated spam filters! It's about time! Is it a coincidence that my last post was a rant about spammers on my blog? I think not! Just kidding - I know that I haven't single-handedly saved Blogger-land from spammers. I'm sure glad to see spam filters, though!

I finished my doll and delivered him to the Grange Fair yesterday for judging in the needlework competition. I am hoping he wins a ribbon. I don't have a nice photo of him right now, but will take a picture when I get him back on Sunday and post it. I like the way it turned out. Thank you, Kathleen Early, for your design and your help with the problem I had with the instructions. It was a minor setback, but once I passed the bottleneck, the project finished up nicely.

I also entered a small round ripple baby afghan and an unusually patterned dishcloth. The afghan I don't expect to win a ribbon, as it's just a simple little blanket. I am hoping to place with the dishcloth, since it was worked with a variegated yarn, and the design turned out to be so attractive.

DH and I also got some good news about our upcoming cruise. The travel agent was able to get us a free upgrade to a concierge class cabin with a few more amenities for us. It's less than 2 months until we leave. I am looking forward to going!

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