Sunday, August 8, 2010


My husband, my sister-in-law and I spent a pleasant 4 days/3 nights in Nags Head in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I returned with the thoughts of BLTs and plain tomato sandwiches in my mind, and went to pick some tomatoes from my garden. There were 4 just starting to ripen when we left. Imagine my surprise to find them gone. Not just the ripe ones, but someone stripped the entire plant of tomatoes, even the green ones! A friend suggested that it might have been an animal, but I believe it was a 2-legged tomato thief. The plant was picked clean – nothing broken and no half-eaten fruit in the area.

As if that’s not bad enough – I have another rant! What’s with all the spam comments on my blog lately? They come through in foreign Asian characters, a new comment every day. Thankfully, I had the foresight to set up my comments to be pre-approved before publishing, so I don’t have to go in to delete comments all the time, and my readers aren't subjected to this trash. I welcome comments on my blog, but not like this. Junk mail, spam in our e-mail boxes, and now this! Don’t these people have lives? I wish there was a way to direct this garbage right back into their mailboxes!

To turn this to a crochet-related discussion – the doll I’m working on is coming along nicely. I started a second doll, because I made a mistake attaching the arm on the first doll. He’s lopsided. I’ve learned from the first attempt that there is a better way to attach the legs and hopefully, when it’s time to attach the arms, that will work out better too. I’m running short of time, so I’ve got to get down to business and finish this doll. The Grange Fair is in 9 days - can I finish in time?

Work is going so much better for me. I can't believe that I worried so much about making the change (it helps that my overall outlook on life has greatly improved as well) but I'm so much happier in the new environment. My bosses seem to really appreciate my efforts and I enjoy helping them out. My last boss - let's face it. He was a jerk. Not a bad guy - just a jerk. I never pictured him as an HR manager. I thought his element was a cruise ship, and envisioned him trying to get overweight men to sign up poolside to take part in the bellyflop contest! Yes, cruise director would have been his ideal career choice. He was too casual and nonchalant about everything, even referring to his teammates as "Dude". I wish him luck in his new position (he's left the company).

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  1. When I didn't moderate comments, I had the same thing happening. I think it's an advertising/traffic-generating gimmick more than something malicious.

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation, and best of luck getting the dolls done for the fair!